There are three main categories of annual club membership.

These are Club Train, Club Compete and Club Support. There is an overview of each below.

Club Train membership
This is for individuals who are part of a club and are learning to swim or are swimming at any level within the club network.  It is not for people who compete in open competition

When swimmers renew with Bury and Elton, they are automatically allocated Club Train membership

Club Compete membership
Club Compete is the biggest category as it is for people who want to compete and be part of a structured competitive pathway.

It is for club members who want to compete in competitions not exempted under Swim England law, or designated as Low-Level Competition.

If you would like to update your swimmer’s membership to Club Compete, it is an additional fee of £22 payable to the Club.  Please email for more information.

Club Support membership
Club Support is for anyone involved in a club who isn’t covered by Club Train or Club Compete, such as volunteers, coaches and teachers.