What ages can swimmers join the club and how do we join?

Please see our page on new members New Members first steps – Bury and Elton ASC or complete the form


Will there be anything to eat or drink?

There are a selection of vending machines in the leisure centre

Can friends and family come and support me?

Of course, we want as many people to come on watch the swimmers.  The leisure centre has a good number of elevated seats. On galas, there normally be an entry fee of £2 for spectators.

What is Swimmer of the month?

Swimmer of the month is awarded mid-month and each coach chooses the swimmer who has worked the hardest or shown the most improvement.  The swimmer of the month receives a trophy for a month and all groups receive an swimmer of the month

Where can I park?

Parking is good and there are plenty of car spaces in the leisure centre, be aware parking costs £1.50 on a Sunday.

How old does my child have to be to enter the different types of competition?

The following is taken from Swim England guidelines:

For each category the age specified shall be the age of the swimmer at midnight on the day of the event or the final day of a series of events forming part of one competition whichever is later.

Club Championships – No minimum age but restrictions apply as to what events can be entered up to 9 years of age.

Inter-club events limited to not more than eight clubs which do not form part of a series of events as in a league – 8 years.

Open events, other than in Regional and National Competitions – 9 years.

Relay events in Regional Competitions – 9 years.

Individual events in Regional Competitions – 10 years.

Relay events in National Competitions – 10 years.

Individual events in National Competitions – 11 years.


When will my child move up to the next squad?

The coach of each squad will continually assess the progress of the swimmers and when the time is right to move on to the next squad you will be contacted.


Can I discuss my child’s progress with the coaches?

The coaches will always be happy to answer your questions about your child, but please don’t expect a chat during training sessions when the coaches will be very busy poolside. Arrange a mutually suitable time for your discussion.


How will I know if my child is making progress?

First of all, come in and watch! If you can make the time to stop for a session every now and then, you’ll soon notice the progress your child is making. You’ll also get to know some of the other parents and club officials and helpers. If you are concerned about progress, then make an arrangement to discuss it with the coach.


Who makes decisions about the club?

There is a club committee that makes the decisions that affect the running of the club.


How do I find out about Galas, Leagues and Open Meets?

The primary sources of information are the website, club notice boards and via social media. The coaches will usually hand out forms for important meets and galas to the team they expect to enter.

Teams for galas and leagues are generally selected by the coaches and the team sheets will be emailed out and on the website a few weeks before the event. You will need to complete a form to indicate if you are available.