ASA Speed Award certificates

The Club will purchase and provide ASA Speed Award certificates (for each individual stroke) for any of our Club swimmers aged 10 years or under (on the date the speed was obtained) who achieve an ASA speed time (see attached for more info)

One certificate per each stroke. For example, if a child swims a ‘silver’ time, the Club will provide the ‘silver’ certificate. Should the swimmer wish to have the ‘bronze’ certificate as well, this will be down to the swimmer to finance. Parents with children aged 11 years or over can still obtain the certificates but parents will have to purchase them via the Club.

FYI – Certificates & badges are currently £1.85p (for both) per each speed award.

ASA Speed Award times(2)

Congratulations to all of our swimmers aged 10 years or under who achieve an ASA speed time, the full list can be found below

Speed Awards successful swimmers – Feb2017

An extra special ‘shout out’ to Ellie Duxbury, Oliver Carter and Ben Duxbury, who all achieved GOLD Speed Award certificates in every swim stroke. Fantastic!